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Fin 3

And so I sat there, right next to you, trying to reincarnate the dead cloud that brought storm to your desperate aura. I knew it was bad but I acted clueless. You were smiling but your eyes were protruding like it would bite me anytime. I sat still trying to compose excuses for a mistakeContinue reading “Fin 3”

Fin 2

Today, I woke up with nothing different. I opened my eyes, took my first conscious breath, and looked at the ceiling, trying to up paint your calming face. I was never wrong with my strokes; I mastered every corner and deviation in your face. I used the perfect color which would rejuvenate your decency. YouContinue reading “Fin 2”


Random words racing fastly, manipulating my mind, volunteering to be written. Thoughts rushing like rains compulsively pouring. I have nowhere to run. To the person who subconsciously broke my ever-hoping heart: I hate to have ever loved your consistent ignorance consistently; for ever praising your obvious flaws undeniably. That everytime you feed me your preciousContinue reading “Fin”

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